Selling by Owner? Maybe not..

The DYI (do it yourself) thing is cool when you’re planting trees in your yard or changing the oil, but 93% of the time it doesn’t work out when selling a property. I understand why people try - selling a home costs real 💰 and every 💵 counts! It seems like if you list the home on Zillow and toss up some photos & a description, buyers are going to come see, which means your half way home. JUST GET IT ON THE INTERNET! Well.. it doesn’t quite work like that (if only..sigh)

Here’s the absolute truth...Selling a home requires rigorous preparation for the market. Your competition (other homes) is surly doing the same. The presentation needs to appeal to a large diverse pool of REAL buyers, and quickly. The days on market (aka the most important metric buyers use when judging your home) starts immediately so there’s no time to waste. Go a few extra weeks and immediately the valuation of your home just dropped by 3-5% ...Any finally, buyers representation is free and almost all qualified buyers are working with a buying agent so by opting out of that pool of buyers makes selling nearly impossible! Not to mention if any home buyer is not represented and decides to make an offer on your listing, they will always lowball a FSBO because they believe your “savings” (for not paying fees) is their savings, and will be built in to their offer.

Sounds fun? 🤢If you want to do it once and right, not to mention for top dollar then we should talk!

jonathan fox