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With several development projects in the works, Ballston could become the next hot community. (Justin Gellerson for The Washington Post)
Top developers and first-time home buyers alike are all looking for the next hot neighborhood where investing is not only safe but will yield the highest return on investment.

Over the years, many communities have become suddenly hot — from Shaw, to H Street, to Petworth, to North Bethesda.

Now, the next hottest neighborhood is . . . Ballston, Va.

Here’s why:

North Arlington — anchored by the Metro, Interstate 66 East and four bridges to the District — has long been the epicenter of Northern Virginia’s urban developmen...

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Preparation is a critical element of success. When listing your home in a very competitive real estate market, being properly prepared for a broad spectrum of home buyers’ demands should be the top priority of every seller. Properties that show the best sell the quickest and for the highest price. Therefore, getting your home into the best possible show condition is in the best interest of sellers.

Remember, from the perspective of a buyer, the overall touring experience, or the way the home made them feel, is just as important as the neighborhood, schools, bedrooms and bathrooms, so making a positive first impression is critical to getting a top-dollar offer.

Here are seven ideas to he...

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In the first month of 2017 in Washington, we encountered two large economic benchmarks in the economy — record-setting stock levels and a local housing market that produced median home prices that reached record levels set in 2007 during the boom prior to the Great Recession.

Yet among the good economic news lies an issue which, if you’ve lived in the Washington area long enough, is something that you’re familiar with — lack of affordable housing.

As a real estate professional in pursuit of local market trends, I’ve noticed a recent pattern in the farther out suburban markets that has coincided with the increase in Washington housing prices. Farther out and tra...

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Winter can be a particularly challenging time to buy or sell a house.

If you’ve spent a year or more in Washington, you are familiar with the seasonal swings we experience — from sweltering heat and humidity during the summer, to the dark and dreary days of winter.

With each season there are home-buying patterns and trends that directly affect our local real estate markets in a very real way. Let’s be honest about one thing — the winters here in Washington can be less than invigorating; they can be brutal. Yet in all 12 months of a year families grow, professional promotions and subsequent transfers occur, and many other life-changing events happen — all of whic...

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It is sometimes shocking to me as a real estate professional how little emphasis is placed on the most valuable part of the home buying or selling process. And I would venture to guess the average home buyer or seller would not agree, at first, with my assessment of what exactly the most important aspect of the transaction is.

Sure, nothing is unimportant when dealing with contracts, deadlines and inspections. But at the end of the day buyers and sellers share one common concern when dealing with real estate, and that concern is money. Without it, there would be no transaction and therefore nothing would be of importance. Unfortunately, buyers can often be haphazard with where, whom and how...

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Why are millennials renting longer even though they want to buy? Jonathan Fox is interview by WTOP Radio to help interpret the data and understand the real estate climate in the DC area.

If you’ve been through the home-searching process at some point in your life, I don’t have to tell you how emotionally draining the experience can be. From open house to closing, there are many elements a buyer has to consider on top of a number of mini compromises that need to occur between all parties to make any deal work.

So as a seller, having a committed and invested buyer can make a real difference in the outcome.

As I’ve said many times to my clients: The real estate transaction is unlike buying or selling anything else because it involves lots of money and emotion, plus a very human element (on all sides) that can transform people’s motives and the outcome in a...

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In selling residential real estate for more than 10 years, I’ve been in a lot of properties of all shapes and sizes.

Regardless of the type of property, every seller has one goal in mind: to get the most money possible from the right buyer.

Here are some tips to enhance your chances of getting the top dollar for your property:

Lose your emotions. This is a tough one, so I put it first. When I sit down with sellers for the first time (often months ahead of our prospective list date), I regularly start by saying something like “this is no longer your home, rather this has to become your product.” I mean this.

It’s not easy to leverage any commodity unless you are prepared...

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Jonathan Fox, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Dupont/Logan, writes an occasional column about Washington-area housing issues.

If you’ve been paying attention to this year’s political debates, you’ve probably read or heard a lot more about the inability of the younger generation to get a foothold in this economy than in previous elections.

The financial challenges in today’s world are real. And to some groups it often feels like the hill to climb gets steeper by the year. We can all agree the world economy has changed tremendously in the past 50 years and that owning a home (not renting for a lifetime) remains a central component to buildi...

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I find that today’s home buyers are more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies. Being organized, informed, and confident are going to make buying your next property an exciting and rewarding process.

I find that today’s home buyer is more educated than ever, largely due to vast Internet resources and other technologies that have put the majority of information online. In fact, many of my clients are sending me listings from various sites like before I even know about them, thanks to listing alerts and real time search engine functions. So in today’s market I field a lot less questions about prices and inventory than b...

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